Click Management > Settings in the top navigation.

Click Configuration  in the left navigation.

This is the URL you will give to entrepreneurs to apply for funding and to potential investors to register with your group.

By enabling this you can allow your investors to view the deals in your pipeline. We will also address later the ability to segment their visibility. Disable this to restrict visibility to the pipeline completely.

Enabling segmentation of the pipeline allows you to choose which deals in the pipeline an investor will see. You do not have to enable visibility of the entire pipeline at once, unless you want or need to.

This will allow entrepreneurs to apply via the URL above. If you choose to disable this, entrepreneurs will not have access to your application.

We allow a community of sharing on Venture360. It's a great way to get exposure to new deals. Enabling this will allow other groups or entrepreneurs to share deals they think you might be interested in.

You can allow your investors to view all portfolio company profiles, even if they have not invested in that company. Disable this if you only want them to see profiles for the companies they have invested in.

Enabling discussions for companies allows you to communicate to the entrepreneur as well as amongst the admins and investors in your group about the company. You can ask the company to answer follow up questions, discuss investment potential within your group, or use it as a place to take notes.

You have the ability to score an entrepreneur's application. If you want these scores to be visible to investors within the group, you can enable that here.

This will allow potential investors to register via the URL above. When allowed, you are required to approve all requests before an investor is allowed visibility or membership into the group. When disabled, potential investors cannot request to become members via Venture360.

You can allow investors within your group to see the names of other investors. Investor commitments are never visible, even when this is enabled.

Here you can show or block your investors from seeing subgroups.

You can require your investors to self accredit. When enabled, before an investor can make commitments to deals in Venture360, they must complete this form.

We accommodate accreditations from several different countries. If you don't see what you need in the list, please let us know what country's requirements you need added, and we can submit a request to add it for you.

Investors can always see the name of the company in which the fund invested, as well as how much capital was contributed, but enabling this setting will allow the investor to see more details about their commitment to the fund.

Investors can always see the name of the company in which the entity invested, as well as how much capital was contributed, but enabling this setting will allow the investor to see more details about their ownership of the entity.

We've already addressed allowing entrepreneurs to apply from the link above. This setting will enable the screening and application questions you've created for them to answer. Disabling this will allow them to apply from the link above without answering any questions, by simply adding them to your deal pipeline.

You can choose to display the questions in the order you've created, or display them randomly for each company applying.

You can choose to automatically generate the follow up due diligence questions you've created. Enabling this will generate the follow up questions when you move the company's deal in your pipeline from Review Pending to any other deal stage (except rejected). If you disable this setting, you can still manually generate the questions on a per company basis on the company's application page.

You can choose to sort the company discussions oldest to newest, or newest to oldest.

This will populate your users' activity feeds with information relevant to their investments every time something is updated.

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