On the main menu bar, click Investors > Individuals. The browser displays the Investors index with the list of current investors in your group.

To search for an investor, simply start typing their name in the Search Investors box. The results will automatically start to filter based on what has been typed. You can also sort the investor index by clicking any column heading to sort in ascending or descending order.

Note: The Active tab includes all investors who are active members of your group. The Pending tab includes all potential members who have requested membership and are awaiting an administrator's approval. The Inactive tab are all investors who were participating members of your group in the past but have since been inactive. The Removed tab are all investors whose accounts have been deleted from the system.

To add an investor, click the Add Individual button. The browser displays the Add Investor page.

In the Basic Info section, enter the name and email address of the investor. Click the Add Investor button.

Note: To verify the email address, the Venture360 application sends a verification email to the specified email address. The investor needs to click the verification link in the email to complete the verification process.

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