From the investor details page, you can view additional investor information using the left hand navigation. This includes investment information such as commitments and disbursements, and management tasks such as investment vehicles, invoices, eSignatures, contacts and files.

Navigate to Investors > Individuals.

In the investor index, click on the investor you'd like to view.

On the investor details page, click on any one of the left navigation items.

Profile displays an overview of the investor's contact information, user access permissions, and membership information.

displays a brief overview of the investor's portfolio, similar to your group's dashboard.

Portfolio Summary displays a detailed summary of key metrics and a companies breakdown, just like your group's portfolio.

Disbursements shows all investments that have been disbursed in some way back to the investor, including the date, round information, the type of disbursement recorded, and the amount of funds received.

Open Commitments displays the current active deal commitments. These are commitments to deals that have not yet been closed.

Funding Entities shows the funding entities that this investor has ownership in. Also displayed here will be any funding entities that the investor is an administrator of.

Funds shows the funds that this investor has contributed capital to. Also displayed here will be any funds that the investor is an administrator of.

Invoices displays any invoices that have been sent to the investor.

eSignatures displays the eSignature documents that have been sent to the investor.

Contacts displays any additional contacts that should be notified along with the investor when any emails get sent. Contacts can be assistants, legal representatives, or anyone else who may act on behalf of the investor.

Files displays any files that pertain to the investor. This section is broken up into tabs based on permissions. The Investor Documents are only visible to the investor and any subgroup or group administrators. The Closing Documents are any files associated with an investment the investor participated in. The Group Documents are files available to every investor and administrator in the group.

Statements displays all portfolio statements that have been sent to the investor.

The Notes section is a place for administrators to leave notes regarding the investor. These notes are only accessible to group administrators.

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