On the main menu bar, click Investors > Funds.

Click on the fund you want to view.

Click the Capital Calls link in the left navigation.

Any capital calls for the fund are displayed here.

To view the details of the capital call, to edit the capital call, or to delete the capital call, click the Details, Edit, or Delete button to the right of the capital call.

To create a new capital call, click New Capital Call. Choose whether this is a new capital call (this will invoice your investors), or whether you are recording capital you have already called. You must also include the amount of capital and the date. Notes are optional.

You may also choose to include fees in your capital call. If so, fill out the necessary details.

Once you complete this information, the amount of capital being called from each investor (including fees) will be displayed below. These numbers are automatically calculated pro rata.

If it is necessary to adjust these numbers, simply manually adjust them in the boxes next to the investor's name. Click Save Capital Call.

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