On the main menu bar, click Investors > Funds.

Click on the fund you want to view. When the fund details page opens, you will see three sections.

The Overview section details how the fund is structured, a recap of the fund's investments, and a few fund management details. For more information on these topics, you can click any of the various links in the left hand navigation.

You can change who you view the Overview information for by using the drop down menu. You can select the fund itself (default view), or any of the investors in the fund.

The Transaction History is a great place to view every type of transaction ever conducted by the fund. This includes investments, disbursements, capital calls, and fees. This also includes when commitments to the fund are made. Nifty!

You can also use the fund details page to view who has legal signing authority or administrative access to the fund.

On the left hand navigation of your fund, you'll find many options. Here's an overview of how to understand and manage them.

Analytics allow you to run analytics for a variety of fund data, and save charts for your reference. You can also use saved charts to create reports.

Investors shows the investors currently committing capital to the fund.

Capital Calls shows the current capital calls that have been entered for the fund, as well as an overview of the total capital called and the remaining capital needing to be called.

Disburse Capital shows the current disbursements that have been entered for the fund, as well as an overview of the total disbursement amount. This page allows you to disburse capital from the fund to the investors.

Fees gives an overview of the total fees collected and displays any invoices sent.

Files displays any files related to the fund.

Notes displays all notes and discussions related to the fund.

Invoices displays all invoices for the fund.

Portfolio shows the current investments in the fund's portfolio and can be sorted by overall fund information, or individual investor. 

Disbursements shows any funds that have been disbursed to the fund from another source, such as a company exit.

Funding Entities displays the funding entities that this fund has ownership in.

Funds displays any other funds that this fund has invested in.

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