Every company, fund, entity and investor in Venture360 has unlimited file storage associated with their profile. You can view these files by navigating to the company, fund, entity or investor index pages, and clicking on the one you'd like to view. In the left navigation, there is a link for Files.

Depending on the type of organization, there may be any combination of the following permission settings:

Company Access files are available to the company users as well as any groups the entrepreneur has given access to. This could include your group, or any other group to which they've applied for funding or with whom they've shared their profile.

Investor Access files are visible to all admins within the group, as well as investors in the group.

Closing Docs are visible to anyone who participated in a particular round of investment within the company, as well as any group admins or subgroup admins.

Admin Access files are visible to group admins only.

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