Click on Companies > All Companies in the top navigation.

Open the company for which you want to record the disbursement. Click Disbursements in the left navigation.

Click New Disbursement in the top right.

Follow the on screen instructions to enter Disbursement Details, Funds Received, and Fees.

At the bottom, investor allocations are compiled for you. You can toggle investors off to exclude them from this disbursement. If you toggle the pro-rata switch off, you can change the details of their allocations accordingly.

You may also add any notes regarding the disbursement.

Click Save Disbursement.

Listed under the expanded view of the disbursement are all investors who participated.

To view investor allocations, click on the name of the investor and then clicking Disbursements on the left.

You can view and disburse investor allocations from funds by clicking on the fund name, then clicking Disbursements on the left.

Click Disburse to the right of the disbursement.

Follow the on screen instructions to enter details about the disbursement and fees. The system will automatically allocate the funds pro rata, but you can choose to manually change each investor's amount below. Click Save Disbursement.

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