Click Management > eSignatures in the top navigation.

To view an eSignature document, click on the name.

Among the details of the completed eSignature document you will see the original document as well as the signed document, the signees, and the date on which it was signed. If the document has not been signed, you will see an option to send a reminder email.

To create a new eSignature document, click New eSignature Document.

First, choose a topic for the document. Depending on which topic you choose, additional options may appear.

You may also choose to add a description. Next, click Choose Files to upload as many as three files at once. Then click Confirm Signers/Select Signers.

Expand the list of document signers on the left to choose who needs to sign the document.

Choose to manually select which areas of the document to sign, or append an automatic signature page to the end of the document (recommended).

Click Submit for Signing.

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