Click Companies > Entrepreneur Application in the top navigation.

Click Create New Application and enter the Application Details.

NOTE: When you have finished creating your application, don't forget to set it to PUBLISH, so companies can access it.

Next, Create a New Heading around each topic of questions, i.e. Business Model, Financial, etc. and click the plus sign below to select which type of question you would like to add to this section. 

PRO TIP: You can always rearrange headings and questions by dragging them.

Here is a description of the different types of questions to choose from:

Short Answer - the company can fill in a text field to answer the question. You can also suggest a word limit. NOTE: Venture360 does not enforce a word limit, but we do recommend a suggesting a limit.

Below is an example of what the company would see:

Multiple Choice - allows you to put in options, and the company selects an option as an answer to the question. A value can be assigned if you would like to score your applications.

Below is an example of what the company would see:

Yes/No  - is a simple question where the only options to answer are "Yes" or "No." These questions are a great option for a screening section. The company is provided an option to just select "Yes" or "No."

Below is what the company would see:

File Upload - allows you to request certain files as part of the application process. Please note these files are not added to the company profile and are only stored in the application.

Below is what the company sees:

When you have completed your application, be sure to set it to PUBLISH in the Applications Details page.


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