On the main menu, click Investors > Funding Entities.

To search for a funding entity, simply start typing the name in the Search funding entities box. The results automatically start to filter based on what you type. You can also sort the funding entities index by clicking any column heading to sort in ascending or descending order.

To add a funding entity, click the Add Funding Entity button.

In the General Information section, include the name of the fund and the legal entity type. Date Established and Tax ID are optional. Also select whether you participate in a carried interest or not.

Next, select how this entity does deals. Venture360 allows you to create both SPVs and Pass-Through entities. SPVs are special purpose vehicles where investors contribute capital for the purpose of doing a single deal. Pass-Through entities are defined by ownership percentage and invest in many companies.

In the Admins section, decide whether you would like all investors in the fund to also be administrators of the fund. If you choose no, you can assign specific administrators to the fund out of your investor list. They do not have to be investors in the fund to be administrators of the fund.

In the Legal Signing Authority section, you can choose to designate a legal signing authority. This is who acts on behalf of the fund when executing documents. You do not have to do this now, but will be prompted to do so before creating any eSignature documents for the fund.

Address and other contact information is optional.

Click Create.

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