Click Management > Settings in the top navigation.

Click General in the left navigation.

  1. The Account Name will be displayed on all overview and reporting pages.
  2. The Group Time Zone will keep track of calendar events, the local time at which messages were sent, and the time at which notes were written or activities we performed.
  3. The Group Contact Phone Number will be an accurate reference of how the group can be contacted with questions.
  4. The Display Currency will automatically convert investments into one standard currency whenever those investments are displayed, regardless of the currency that was used to invest.
  5. Track Multiple Currencies enables you to allow your investors to commit in whichever currency they prefer. Venture360 will track the most up to date conversion information into your Display Currency.
  6. The Header Logo will be displayed in the top left of the page and helps you to white label the platform.
  7. Setup Mode enables you to prepare your system, white label it as necessary, and get everything uploaded and onboarded while not inviting any outside users or sending any unwanted automated emails.
  8. Enabling Send Registration Emails allows you to sent emails to all users at once, when you're ready for them to start using the platform.
  9. Clicking Delete Account will cancel your Venture360 subscription and delete your account so it will not longer be accessible to you or any other users.

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