Click Management > Settings in the top navigation.

Click Email Settings in the left navigation.

The email settings allow you to control what gets automatically sent from Venture360 and how it appears to your users once it's received.

  1. The Default 'From' Address allows you to choose who it appears these automated emails are from. You can choose any one of your group admins.
  2. Attachments allows you to choose whether you want attachments sent with the email, or whether you want a secure link to the attachments to be sent instead.
  3. Notify admins when... gives you the ability to choose when admins are notified by email of certain things like when a new investor attempts to register, when a company begins the application process, or when a company submits their application for funding.
  4. Notify company when... gives you the ability to select whether you want to notify companies by email when either the Due Diligence Smart Screening questions need to be completed, or when they fail the screening questions.
  5. Customize Emails allows you to customize all of the automated emails that are sent. Simply choose the email you want to customize from the drop down, then edit the text in the box below.

Click Save Settings when you are done.

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